Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Golden Egg.

Just holding the Golden Egg in the Lush store I could tell that a) it is so nice, glittery and smells absolutely amazing, and b) I will be scrubbing the bath clean for days after using this!

The golden egg is kind of classed as a bath bomb even though it has a luxurious bath melt outside making you feel silky, soft afterwards. 

 As this was a part of Lush's Easter collection I'm not too sure how much longer they will be in stores/online for. It cost £3.50 too! 

So I popped it into the bath and at first it didn't really do much other than sit at the bottom of my bath fizzing away gently. Which is probably partly down to the fact it's half bath bomb and half bath melt! 

Getting busy with the fizzy. 

Putting it in the bath I must have held it for about 5 seconds or so and it left this behind on my hand. 

You can see all the glittery bits sitting at the bottom of the bath. 

The golden egg is nearly almost dissolved and as you can see it's left the bath water looking frothy and golden.  

This bath bomb has a lovely sweet toffee scent to it which I really like. I have to admit it wasn't as much of a bath bomb as I would have hoped and feel it was a lot more aesthetically pleasing than anything else. However it left my skin feeling lovely and soft and smelled so nice too! Out of all Lush's bath ballistics/bath melts I think Dragon's Egg will always be my favourite although I did really like using this one too.  

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post!  And I hope you all have a lovely Easter, love A, x


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