Sunday, 13 April 2014

What's in my handbag!

I've always liked these posts/vlogs and have always fancied doing one. As my handbag was in a bit of state I thought doing this post would also help me sort it out a little bit too. Also may I just add I am really bad at cleaning out my handbag.. I think because it's got a black lining when you pop something in there it's like it's dropping down into a deep sea abyss and never seen again. 

This is my handbag. It was from H&M either last year or the year before and costed £29.99. I really like this handbag for the studded part I think that looks really cool but also I like that you've got the option of a shoulder strap or the shorter handles to carry on your arm. 

Contents before: 

From the top: 
I had some boots vouchers.
A black phone case.
A comb.
A stack of old receipts.
My work badge.
A Christmas candy cane.
My River Island tapestry purse. Which is a few years old.
An Urban Outfitters lion scrunchie.
15 pence.
A card shop loyalty card.
A train ticket to Bath.
The remnants of a Creme Egg.
My Costa Coffee card.
A BarryM lipgloss in the shade Coral.
A tangle Teezer.
A Topshop ring. 
Lush's lip scrub in Bubblegum.
A pair of silver earrings from Accessorize.
An EOS lip balm in summer fruit.
Six hair ties. 
A lip balm. 
And a vegetable cuppa soup. ( this is because I usually take them to work for lunch)

After a clean up: 

A pair of black oversized sunnies from New Look. 
My purse. 
My Tangle Teezer.
My make up bag.
A nail file. 
BeyoncĂ©'s perfume Heat. 
Some tissues.
And some Soap and Glory Hand Food hand cream. 

This now all fits tidily into my bag and I still have plenty of room. 

This bag has two pockets on one side. 

And a zipped pocket on the other side. 

Thanks for reading, I really hope you liked this post! Love, A x


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