Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Breakfast in bed nails.

Hello, I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. I'd like to just say I usually really dislike celebrity things like fragrances, cosmetics, eyelashes, fake tans etc but I must admit I am really really impressed with the Rita Ora collection from Rimmel London. I am a big fan of Rimmel London cosmetics and make up anyway too but I am really loving their nail polishes at the moment (as you may have seen in many previous posts)

This is the polish in the shade Breakfast in Bed. It's a lovely, very light, pastel blue colour. I think it's a really cute shade and would look great in some sandals on tanned tootsies!

The amethyst ring is from Topshop. My two midi rings are from River Island. And my thumb is looking red here because I got another ring I was going to wear stuck. Silly chubby hands!!

The nail polish may look a little chipped here but I painted my nails on the Friday night, went to work on Saturday and took my polish off this morning. I applied two coats and I was really happy with the finish. I'd totally recommend this polish or any colour from this range for that matter! Not only do they have great colours but cool names too! 

Thanks for reading I hope you liked this post, love A, x


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