Sunday, 29 June 2014

I went away on holiday

Last Sunday but the one before I went away for six days on a family holiday to Cornwall. Which was really lovely to get away, relax and have some time off of work too! I thought I would share some photos of my trip away with you all here too. 

We stayed in this lovely holiday home for the week which was very contemporary and cool. 

It had three floors, the ground floor was bedrooms, the first floor was an open plan kitchen/diner/living room. The second floor was a roof terrace which you got to via this spiral staircase. 

It had two loungers up there to soak up the sun! 

This is the view we had from the top and you could just about see the sea.

The view from the other side of the terrace. 

This was about a thirty second walk from where we were staying. The beach was just down this cliff edge. 

This was the beach. Apparantly Richard and Judy live nearby here!

On Monday we went to a quaint little fishing town with some really pretty buildings. 

The pottery shop.

Fishing boats in the harbour.

'Scuse my finger!

This house was covered in so many shells. 

We then went on to another town after this and had a little look around. 

Sorry for the awful angle on this one.

This place was really quaint and all the cottages along the waters edge were painted in pretty colours.

On the Tuesday we went into the town about a mile away and had a look around and bought some food to take home for lunch. Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos but it was lovely, sunny and hot and I got a bit burnt!

On the Wednesday we went to Padstow and on to another beach nearby.

Padstow is a little town with a fishing port that has become a lot more famous and well known over the years as TV chef Rick Stein has a fish restaurant, a cafe, a shop and a cookery school there too. 

We had some fish and chips from Rick Steins and they were really nice, but a tad greasy I'd have to say. 

This is the beautiful beach we went to after. 

It was really lovely, and quite quiet for a gorgeous beach. 

On the Thursday we stayed in all day and sunbathed on the roof terrace or went to the gym or swimming pool which was in the complex. 

On the Friday we went to another small village nearby which was quite small and pretty 

I also saw this cleaning company and I liked the name so much I took a photo. 

Spruce Springclean haha! 

Saturday was our last day and we had packed up and left by 10 and made our way back home. I had a lovely time away with my family and it came a bit hard when going back to work last Monday!

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post. Love, A x. 


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