Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My favourite lip products

My thought of the day: Has anyone ever finished a lip balm? I find an inordinate amount of them in old coat pockets, various make up bags or handbags that I don't think I've ever even come close to halfway of using it let alone finishing it. 

I always like to keep some lip products on me as I often get quite dry lips so use a lip balm quite a lot throughout the day, or equally if I'm spontaneously going somewhere a touch of lipstick or lipgloss can really add to a look or outfit! 

So here's some of my favourite lip products that I use most days. 

 These nine products are all my favourites and are relatively cheap too at all under £6 each.

This is a Collection lipstick in the shade Cherry Pop. It's a really vibrant red with pink shades in it too so it's not too dark and vampy. 

I'd tend to wear this one at night as I feel it's quite bold for a daytime look.
This lipstick is also from Collection in the shade Pretty Please. This shade is quite a nice coral/pink colour. 

Here you can see the two different shades together. I like the lighter colour one for in the daytime and the redder one for a night time look. 

Like many other bloggers I succomed to trying this. At first I thought it may have been overhyped given that this lip scrub £5.50. But I can honestly say this stuff is amazing. Plus it smells and tastes amazing too! I have the bubblegum flavour but it also comes in Mint Julips which tastes like mint chocolate and a popcorn flavour too. 

This is made from caster sugar, jojoba oil,  which help scrub away any dead skin leaving your lips feeling soft. It also contains some colourings and flavourings too. 

I like to put a good amount on my finger and scrub all over my lips and then lick the rest off!

I like to bring out my inner Miley using these at the beginning of the We Can't Stop video. My sister got me these two for Christmas and I love them. I have the flavours summer fruit and sweet mint. I like how portable they are as I can throw one in the bottom of my handbag and unlike a tin of Vaseline or similar your finger isn't left feeling all sticky or greasy. 

I also like the fact these have an spf 15 rating unlike some lip balms.

When I use a dark red lipstick I like to use this Barry M lip pencil to make it look a lot neater or equally if I want to do an ombré lip look I'll use this around my lips and a lighter lip pencil or lipstick in the middle to create the ombré effect.
Here is what the lip pencil in shade 2 looks like. The harder you press down with it the darker the colour. 

I wasn't really a big fan of tinted lip balms but I really like this one by Miners.

It's a light pink colour and applies really nicely and leaves my lips feeling soft and moisturised. 

The colour is probably a lot lighter than I'd naturally go for but it doesn't look too pink on and I think it suits my natural lip colour. 

This is the Blistex lip massage. It smells like the sweet blue Millions. 

It has a ridged applicator tip to massage lips to give stimulation. 

I like this luxe lips from Miners in the shade It Girl. It costs £3.99 and is super glossy and pigmented. 

The applicator is a thin brush and I think that's really cool compared to the more popular heart shaped tip.

It's a creme gloss so has the pigmented colour but also has a moisturising effect too.

Thanks for reading this post! I hope you liked it. Love A, x


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