Monday, 2 June 2014

My Nail Polish tag!

I love nail varnish, maybe a little too much, so when i spotted this tag floating around I really wanted to do it too! 

How many nail polishes do you own? 
109. I know, I know it seems a little (very!!) excessive but in my defence I've had some of these for a couple of years now. I realise that they have a suggested shelf life of about two years but mine have kept their colour and didn't thicken or separate.

Favourite top and base coats? 

For a base coat I tend to use either the miss sixty base coat or a Champneys top and base coat I got as part of a set from a Boots Christmas 3 for 2. I'm also loving Sally Hansen's hard as nails or maximum growth top and base coats, they give my nails a lovely shine and make them look really healthy. As top coats go I either use the Champneys one, or a glitter coat, Bourjois matte top coat or the Seventeen UV top coat to make nails glow in the dark. 

Top 3 favourite nail polish brands?
I tend to mainly stick to drugstore brands for most cosmetics and occasionally splash out on something a bit more expensive and high end. I'd say my favourite nail polish brands would be Rimmel London, I'm really loving the Rita Ora collection. Another fave would be Barry M and Sinful Colours as I love the amazing collection of colours they both have. 

How often do you paint your nails?
I haven't painted my nails in such a long time actually, because we're not really supposed to wear nail polish to work. But  I'd ideally like to be able to paint my nails once a week.

Favourite neutral polish?
I love Let's Get Nude from the Rimmel London Rita Ora collection. Two coats of it and it looks great!

Pink or red polishes?
I love dark red polishes and pastel pink shades too.

What's on your nails at the moment?
Nothing! Well I think I have Sally Hansen's maximum growth and that's it.

If you had a nail polish line what would you call it?
Ooh! I think I'd like to have a collection that isn't too expensive and came in cute little glass bottles with an oval shaped brush for easy applying. I think I'd call my nail polish line called Talons for all us glamorous birds out there haha! 

French manicure or colour?
I think some French manicures can look really nice and classy but for more everyday looks I like to have a plain colour.

Favourite summer colours?
I love either pastels or neon shades. I love coral shades or even white or black on a summer tan.

Thanks for reading! I really enjoyed this tag and I hope you liked reading it too. Love, A. X 


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