Sunday, 8 June 2014

Saturday 7th June and Sunday 8th June

I had a really good weekend this weekend and would like to share with you what I got up to! 

Saturday 7th June. 
Even though I worked on the Saturday, where I work in the town there was a food festival on which was really cool to have a little look around before work and also the town was buzzing with a lovely atmosphere. 

Luckily the sun came out on the day too as it was supposed to be quite stormy and raining. 

There were so many different stands from a creperie, a wood fired oven stall, a goats milk soap stand, flavoured marshmallows and loads of delis and bakeries too. 

I had some very healthy Churros with chocolate for lunch. They were so good!

I also spotted this jewellery stand with some gorgeous rings on. 

In the evening I went out for a few drinks with my friends Vicki and Christina. That was really nice as I haven't been out in ages and Christina was only home for a week or so from uni. 

In a pub I spotted this lamp..

The hallmark of a good drink, how luminous it is! 

Sunday 8th June. 
Today I drove my parents and sister into a bigger town about 30 miles away and I did a fair bit of well overdue shopping!!! 

I picked up this minidress in navy for £5 from Primark, what a bargain!!

On the front it has this crochet style detailing. 

I saw this kimono style jacket that I loved as soon as I saw it from River Island. My sister really liked it too so we decided to go halves on it. This was £40.

I love the pattern on it.

It's also got some jewelled bits on it too.

I think I'd wear this with a black dress and ankle boots or even a black top and jeans and some simple flats. 

I picked this up in Boots as it was only about a pound or so and I love having silky smooth hair so this should hopefully help when straightening my hair. 

I love Original Source as they smell amazing and also I like the fact they are vegan.

I thought I'd try something new with these two as I have used the bee strong hair products. I wanted to get some which would be good for smooth hair as I straighten my hair a lot and it also goes quite frizzy too. 

I got these two as I love the coconut one and the fabric masque I saw in an old sprinkle of glitter video and had been looking for one for ages yet couldn't find any anywhere.

I picked up this razor which had been reduced to about £3-4. 

I also bought this heat defence cream to use before drying hair which should make straightening/curling a lot easier. 

I popped into Accessorize and bought a bracelet and a pair of earrings I've liked for a while now. 

I got this elephant bracelet for £4 and those silver and teal earrings for £6.

I think this is really cool and looks quite simple too with the plain white band.

I love the tribal style to these and would look great with a messy bun and a maxi dress in the summer. 

I hope you liked reading this post, thanks for reading. Love, A x


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