Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Cleaning my make up brushes

I'm not very good at cleaning a lot of things, my room and workspace will remain tidy for about a week until I need to look for something then it becomes a bit of a squalor. My make up brushes on the other hand are things that I use nearly everyday and they looked a bit grubby. 

I only really got into using make up brushes at the start of this year I'd say. I used to find it easier to apply make up with my fingers, or sponges or with eyeshadows I'd use a cheap pack of about 20 eyeshadow brushes that I'd throw away after using them quite a lot. 

I didn't get quite the look or coverage I was after by using my fingers or sponges, as sometimes different methods can change the make up too, so decided to purchase some different brushes off of amazon. I was also incredibly lucky to receive a Real Techniques set from a competition I entered as well as purchasing the Real Techniques sponge. 

After a lot of uses I noticed they looked quite unclean and wanted to give them a little zhoosh but didn't know how or what with as the hairs/fibres could be ruined. After asking other bloggers what they used or looking on various blogs I noticed a simple baby shampoo seemed to be a very popular choice. So I picked up Johnson's baby shampoo when I was in Boots it was about £1ish to wash my brushes. I know you can also get a No7 brush cleaner and other people use other things but I found this very effective.

Look how dirty those brushes look! Sorry about the angle on this photo. I can't seem to switch it round! 

This is the shampoo I used. 

I squirted a blob into my hand about a little short of a 10 pence size. I ran the tap a little too and got some water in the shampoo to help lather it up. 

Soaking up all the shampoo I swirled the brush in a circular motion. You can see the old make up on my hand. I then put my hand and the brush until the tap. Still swirling the brush helping to get rid of any excess make up or shampoo. 

And this is it finished! 

Here is the Real Techniques multi use brush. I did the exact same method for every single one of my brushes, I won't show pictures of every single one as that might get a bit boring. 

Looks almost brand new!

With the sponge, it's a lot denser compared to a brush and I use this a lot more I took a little more time and a little bit more baby shampoo. 

This one probably took the longest to clean too. 

I squeezed the baby shampoo directly onto the sponge and rubbed it in between my hands until it formed a lather. As the soap got inside the sponge it took quite a whole to make sure all the suds disappeared and there was no more soap left. 

To this! So much cleaner! 

When cleaning the other brushes, when wet and about to be laid to dry, remember to form the bristles back into their original shape. With the sponge as it gets into contact with water it will swell up in size but when it's dry it'll go exactly back to normal. 

I left all my make up brushes on a towel to dry. I actually left mine for well over 24 hours but I went to work and completely forgot about them. So they definitely dried by the time I got in at 5:30. I'd totally recommend this super easy, cheap way of cleaning your brushes as it doesn't take very long to do at all. If you do, do it. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post! Love, A x


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