Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Love and Hate nails

I've got a few days off of work this week and had a lot of time to think and plan out some new nail art design posts. Last night I uploaded a new Pastel striped nail art post and today I took some inspiration from a Wah Nails design called Letterhead. 

For this design I used: 
Barry M gelly hi shine- 10 lychee 
Models Own black nail art pen
Models Own white nail art pen
Max factor nailfinity- 549 red passion

I used the Barry M colour as the nude base colour. I think this colour is quite close to my natural skin tone anyway so would look really cool on. 

I used two coats of this and left it for well over an hour, whilst I took the dog for a walk, so it was fully dry too. 

Studying the picture and font carefully so I was really sure what I was about to be drawing. I also had a little practice on a piece of paper beforehand so I knew how I was going to write it and how big too.

With my nail art pen I tried using the striper application as well as the nib and found the nib applicator a lot easier to use and handle. 

Ta da! The finished look. Comment below if you would like me to do a tutorial on how to do this. I would say as this was quite fiddly the difficultly would be a 8 out of 10.

I hope you liked this post, love, A x


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