Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Head Full of Flowers' Deathly Hallows multi-layer bracelet review!

Hello, I hope you are all well! 

So the lovely Lizzie from Head Full of Flowers asked for some bloggers to review one of some of the lovely things she has on her blog shop, I jumped at the chance. Lizzie is one of the nicest people I know through blogging and it would mean a lot to both me and her if you'd check her blog out! 

Anyway, from everything in her shop, the Deathly Hallows bracelet stood out to me the most not just because I'm somewhat of a massive potterhead but because it's really cool and looks quite boho. I think the boho styling would look so cool in the summer, paired with a floral dress what with the earthy colours. 

In the middle is the deathly Hallows sign, above it/ to the left are two owls (which I am a bit obsessed with) and beneath is the golden snitch. It has a yellowy pearl style sphere in the middle too.

The bracelt is made up of brown leather type thread with two bits straight threads, a plaited section, followed by two more straight sections, a plaited section and then two more straight strands. 

The bracelet has a small brass clasp which was a bit stiff to begin with but got easier. 

It came with quite a long chain to do it up which I liked in case I wanted it tighter or looser. 

A close up of the bracelet. 

So this is what it looks like on. I think because the plaited sections are quite tight and also because of the metal bits makes it a bit more rigid so won't fit around my wrist as circular and comfortably as I'd like. 

Overall I really like it, I think it looks really cool and perfect for the summer as I love the multi layered stack of bracelets. However I was a bit dissapointed that it's quite difficult to open the clasp and is a bit stuff.  

Thanks for reading, and thank you to Lizzie too! Love, A x


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