Sunday, 10 August 2014

Topshop and Boots shop!

Now I am working more or less 5/6 days a week I often don't really fancy doing anything on my days off. So much so, I haven't been into a big town or shopping for what feels like ages! So today, my stepdad and I quickly drove to a big town near us and I had a little look round the shops. Why is it when you have the time to browse and more money than usual that things in shops just don't appeal to you, yet when I have no money everything looks great?!

So I'll start with Topshop! 
I got this top for £25. It is a navy and white stripe tee with a bit of lace at the bottom and the sleeves. 

I think it will look nice with a pair of jeans, either blue or white, or even with a pair of shorts or a skirt. 

I also picked up this choker for £5.50 in the sale. I'm a little bit obsessed with chokers at the moment!

I really liked this one when I picked it up, it's a bit different compared to usual chokers and I also really love the teal colour. 

I bought this set of rings too for £8.50 in the sale. I love stacking rings at the moment so I think a few of these on my hand would look really cool.
I like that this set has a selection of rings as well as midi rings. 
Excuse my sausage fingers!

What I got in Boots!

I've repurchased this time and time again. It really is one of my favourites, it's very soft and nourishing, leaving your hair feeling silky smooth and smelling amazing too because of the honey extract in it. These are both £2 off at the moment too!

I picked up these make up sponges because they are so easy to apply nail varnish to and do an ombré effect with.

I know practically all bloggers don't favour these, but I love them! They are so much easier to use. Just wipe my face and it's all done! I do also have make up removers, toners, cleansers etc but if I want to take my make up off quickly before bed I'd just use this!

I can't find my old tweezers anywhere and these are quite cheap so I got these.

I also got some scissors.

I got this fake tan spray by Garnier, I really like this one, it dries quickly, makes you looked tan and not orange and I personally think it smells quite nice too.

Another repurchase here with Loreal Super Liner Ultra Precision eyeliner. This one is a very bold black and has a wonderful staying power.

I got Soap and Glory's Hocus Focus illuminator which I am quite excited to try. I usually really like most Soap and Glory products so I hope this will live up to expectations.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little haul! Thank you so much for reading, love A, x. 


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