Thursday, 25 September 2014

Shopping in Bristol!

Yesterday, my mum and I went shopping in Bristol for the day. We live about an hour away from Bristol so it's not too far in the car. Originally we were going to go to Bath shopping for the day but decided on Bristol instead as we haven't been there in years, it has a lot more shops (a much bigger and better Primark) and they're only about 15 miles away from one another so it's not too far at all. 

I love how Bristol has a lot more shops or even has bigger high street shops there so there was a lot more choice in them. I'm going to share with you some pictures of the things I bought. 

First of, Primark. 

I picked up this lovely camel coat after a bit of umming and ahhing over it. It was only £23 which I thought was a steal considering it's very comfy, feels lovely and soft and it could also pass as a Zara coat or something. 

Here's a close up of it. 

I got this white polo neck for £4 which will be a great staple in the winter. 

I picked up this £10 hooded sweatshirt as it's great for slouching around the house in or walking for the dog. 

I got this tartan scarf as well for £5. I love tartan especially in the winter and this was such a great price too as it would probably be triple the amount in Topshop. 

 I also picked up this little purse as well for £3 which is great if I don't want to take a massive bag with me, or even to use as a small coin purse. 

Inside it is separated into two sections. 

I also got some essentials in Primark like tights, plain socks etc but thought they were a bit boring so didn't photograph those. 

River Island 

Usually I'm not the type of person to buy fake body piercing type things but this fake nose ring caught my eye. I've always thought nose piercings look quite cool but am not brave enough to get it done properly. Seeing as this was only £3 I thought I would try it out and see if it suited me then I might get it done properly. 

I got these cool earrings for £4. I saw some like this on Asos a while ago but never purchased them but I saw these in store and really liked the simple look of them. 


I got this black and white pattern print 3/4 length sleeve top because I really liked the button detail on the back. 

See the button detail. I think this was about £12.99. 

Close up of the button detailing on the back. 

I got another black and white shirt, this one was down to £5 in the sale. 

I like the way the print is smaller on the collar compared to the rest of the shirt. 

I got another white cami top as well for £7.99. I'm really loving cami tops at the moment. 

I like how on this one the material near the chest area is a bit more sheer compared to the rest of the material. You could wear it with jeans for a casual daytime style or dress it up with a skirt, leather jacket and heels for a smart going out look. 

For the journey home we finished off in Harvey Nichols, trying our best to discreetly hide our Primark bags as I lovingly gazed at all the Louboutins, we got some provisions for the car journey home. 

Delish! Such a guilty pleasure of mine. 

These were £1.25 and looked so cute too! 

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post! Love, A x. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Two years of blogging!!

Hello! I hope you're all well.

This is just a little post, sorry it's going up rather late but I must admit it is a bit rushed. Usually I am quite good at remembering dates and times to the point where it's a bit creepy and I remember what exactly I ate on March 7th 2009 (I'm just exaggerating but you catch my drift!) but for some reason it had complete skipped my mind that today, the 24th September is the anniversary of when I first started blogging. So today marks two years of my blog, myself as a blogger and Kittens in Top Hats as a whole. Wowza. Other than school and my current job, this is the longest I have ever stuck at any hobby and that in itself is quite a large accomplishment for me!

I have a lot to thank blogging for really, I mean it's brought back my love of writing and there is nothing I enjoy more than getting to the end of a post that I feel passionately about and clicking that publish button. Hoping that others may read or comment or may even feel the same. It's heightened my growing love for make up, cosmetics and fashion. But most importantly by having a channel or outlet to express my views and opinions on here, has helped me grow as a person and become the girl I am today.

I've never been the type of person who had a lot of confidence in myself, I was very self conscious during school and I am still a little self conscious now, but as I've gotten older I've realised that the only opinions that should matter to me are what I think and what my family and close friends think too.

So I suppose, I really should be thanking every single one of you, each view, each comment and each follow genuinely means the world to me and I cannot get over the fact people are reading these essays I type. It puts a massive smile on my face knowing that, and I'd give you all a big hug if it were possible!

Thank you all for helping me on this little journey, without sounding corny incredibly but I probably would have found it hard to stick it out this long if it wasn't without you.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a great day. Love, A x

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Some lovely bits from Forever Living!

About a week or so ago now, the lovely Tanya from Forever Living products followed me on twitter and I followed back and we got chatting, I found out that she's based in the same county that I live in and was looking for some local beauty bloggers to review some of their products and I jumped at the chance. 

A package arrived in my letterbox late last week and I'm going to share with you some of the things I recieved. I'll post reviews on each of the products individually in the next couple of days.  

First off is the FLP aloe-jojoba shampoo which is good to create soft, shiny and manageable hair. It'll also help to replenish hair with plenty of moisture which will be great for me as I abuse my hair with straighteners, hair dryers and curlers so I could definitely be in need of this! 

This gel is gentle, non fluoride, contains Aloe Vera and bee Propolis which will help protect teeth and gums, fight plaque and whiten teeth. I can't wait to try this!

This contains a warming agent providing a blissful feeling when rubbed into aches and pains. 

This will help to nourish, protect and strengthen hair.  It'll give hair a silky salon-finished look! Sounds pretty perfect! 

Aloe Vera is great to soothe and calm the skin. This gelly is the 100% aloe Vera gel extract so is perfect for even the most sensitive skin. 

I can't wait to get using these products and I'll upload review posts right away! 

Thanks for reading, love A, x. 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

New Look wishlist!

For me, some shops on the high street can be a little bit hit or miss at the end of the Summer. I feel like half of the shop can sometimes be Summer sale stuff they can't get rid of and the rest of the shop is ready for winter with scarves and gloves. However at the moment I am totally LOVING pretty much everything in New Look. So I have compiled a little list of all the things I am especially lusting after in there.

This black aztec print high neck bodycon dress is in the sale at the moment for £11.24 down from £14.99

This black funnel neck bodycon dress is £9.74 in the sale from £12.99

I really love this black grid print mini length skort for £17.99

I really like this black polka dot dress mesh top skater dress for £12.99. I think it'd look really nice dressed up if i'm going out.

I have the burgundy one of this but I think the black one is really cool too. This costs £17.99

I love these black studded side tassel loafers which are £22.99

 I love the bold colour of this tunic dress as well as the small zip detailing. It is £22.99

Burgundy is perhaps my favourite colour and I really like the structure to this backpack. It is £22.99

These cut out ankle boots are £29.99

This denim jacket is £34.99

This dress is £24.99

This navy parka coat is £49.99

                                              I love these navy velvet ballet flats for £9.99

My friend, Eloise, just got this coat and I am very jealous! I think it's gorg! It is £24.99

I really like the neutral colours of this clutch bag. It costs £15.99.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you liked it! Love A,x.