Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The 90's Tag!!

The 1990's was such an iconic decade, the world wide web was created, the Spice Girls were singing their little hearts out and you couldn't move for seeing someone dressed in all denim. I was born slap bang in the middle of the nineties, 27th January 1995 to be precise, and I'm very pleased (and flattered!!) that the lovely Lizzie from Head Full of Flowers has tagged me to take part in the 90's tag!

Question 1: Favourite Disney channel original movie? Cinderella. 

Question 2: Favourite music artist? Spice Girls and S Club 7/Steps. 

Question 3: Favourite Nick Jr shows? Blues Clues when I was little and then shows like Hey Arnold and Spongebob. 

Question 4: Favourite sweet? Wham bars or those bubblegum cola bottles. 

Question 5: Favourite game? Mousetrap. 

Question 6: Favourite McDonalds toy? Something Spongebob related when the movie came out. 

Question 7:Favourite book? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

Question 8: Favourite clothing store? I was all about Tammy when I was younger. 

Question 9:What would you watch when you get home from school? Programmes like 50/50, Jungle Run and Get Your Own Back and I'd always wonder why my school or, myself and my parent weren't picked to go on the show! 

Question 10: Favourite tv show? Like Lizzie, I'd say mine would be one of Saved By The Bell, Lizzie McGuire or That's So Raven. 

Question 11: Favourite toys? I had a cow teddy that I had since I was very very small which I was inseparable with. I also had a lot of Polly Pocket toys as well as toy cars. 

Question 12: Favourite advert? Even though it was very annoying The Frosties ad with that singing boy was incredibly catchy! 

Question 13: NSYNC or Backstreet Boys? NSYNC!!

Question 14: Weirest fashion trend? Looking back i'm definitely not a fan of combat trousers or those coloured lens sunglasses like blue or pink!!

Question 15: Favourite collectibles? I didn't really get any collectible items I did have 1 or 2 beyblades though.

Question 16: Favourite Beanie Baby? I had quite a few Beanie Babies between myself and my sister. I can't remember the name of a favourite, but I think I was particularly fond of one that looked a bit like an Angel.

Question 17: How many tamagotchi's did you get through? Two. 

Question 18: Favourite game system and game? Playstation and either Ratchet and Clank or The Simpsons Hit and Run. 

I tag: 

Thank you all for reading, I hope you liked this post. Love, A x.


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