Monday, 27 October 2014

Beetlejuice makeup tutorial

When I was younger and was far more into celebrating Halloween AKA Trick or Treating to get sweets I was never very creative with costumes. Often I'd have what I felt was the easy option, My dear Mum may say otherwise as she painted my face a vulgar, bright green as I became transformed into a witch. These days there are hundreds of different costume and make up ideas and what with becoming an adult no longer does Halloween mean dressing up in a scary outfit but dressing up in an outfit yet still looking pretty shamazing all at the same time.

Beetlejuice is such a classic Halloween movie and I wanted to emulate this with a cool make up idea perfect for a Halloween party or similar. I found this idea off of Pinterest and I'll link the original picture below.

<3Bride Of Beetle Juice Make Up<3

So for this look here is a list of all the products I used: 

A black face paint
A white face paint
A purple eyeshadow 
A green shimmer dust but you can use facepaint
A black pencil eyeliner
A black mascara
A purple/deep red lip colour

Here is my attempt!! For a first go at this look I was actually pretty happy with it. 

Step one: I started off with my eyebrows. I have naturally very thick, dark eyebrows so wasn't too sure how I would go about making them green. I completely covered my eyebrows with pritt stick glue and then used my hairdryer to speed up the drying until it was tacky. I then, using my Barry M Dazzle Dust in shade 72 Emerald I dabbed it on using a thin brush. 

I was really pleased how that turned out. 

Step two: I started work on my eyes. Starting with my eye lids, which I completely covered with the dark purple colour. I used Bourjois Little round pot in the shade Brun Sompteux. It took a few strokes of my eyeshadow brush to really get the deep, glittery colour onto my lids. I then used a thinner, angled brush whilst using this eyeshadow to go underneath my eye too. I coloured in my waterline and lined my eyelid with Benefit's Bad Gal pencil eyeliner and coated my lashes with a 17 mascara called Superlash.

Step three: CAN I JUST ADD that I don't have any formal qualification in Art, Make up, Beauty etc so what I'm doing might not be the correct way to do things, I'm just having a go! Also the way I'm setting out these steps was just how I did it. I don't think there is a particular order in which this should be done. As you were. 

So for step three I began work on the black and white droplets coming off my neck. I used the black and white face paints for this. I picked those up in a Fancy Dress shop near me and I think they were about £2 each. I started off drawing black squiggly lines (very technical term I have for you there) and joining them up to create a droplet look.  I left a significant gap in between each one to make room for the white as well.  I then filled in each droplet with the white or the black paint. 

Step four: To create these lips I outlined my lips using a lip brush and the black face paint. I tried to make the cupid's bow look as prominent as possible. Once I had drawn the outline I filled in the colour using a Collection Lip Butter called Perfect Plum. 

I love this colour! Such a wintry shade.

Ta Da! So that is your Beetlejuice look all done! 

Thanks for reading. I hope you liked this post! Love, A x


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