Sunday, 19 October 2014

My coconut oil and honey hair mask!

I'm terrible at keeping my hair in good condition. I used to think my hair was my favourite feature about myself because I was so happy with the length, the colour and it's condition. However in recent weeks it has become very dry, lacklustre and lost it's shine.

I dye my hair every few months or so and have had colour on it for the last two years or so now which means I've always got to take a bit more care with it as it's already got bleach and dyes on it. Equally I'm a devil for abusing my locks with straighteners, curlers, crimpers, hair dryers you name it! 

This is my 'before' picture. I don't know whether the picture really shows but my hair was feeling very dry, especially at the ends. 

I had a little look on the web for a good, nourishing hair treatment to get and found that coconut oil is incredibly popular for homemade masks. I have a large jar of this in the kitchen which Mum uses for cooking but coconut oil is brilliant and so multi useful as it can be used as an alternative to cooking oils or butter, on the skin and hair or even I've read some people eat it by the spoonful..I like coconut but I don't think I'll be doing that! 

So I grabbed a bowl and put a spoonful of coconut oil in the bowl. Coconut oil forms into a liquid over 24.5 degrees Celsius so it was a solid lump at this point. You can melt the oil to a more malleable consistency which would make it easier and quicker for you, which is something I did not do and should have done! I added in a little squeeze of honey and whisked it up until I got a consistency I was happy with. 

Et voila! The finished mask. Ready to apply to my hair. Word of warning; if you are thinking about doing this I would recommend wearing an old top or something as it can be quite messy. 

So I wet my hair first and then slathered this all over my head from roots to ends so every last split end was covered. I tied my hair up in a top knot using an old hair scrunchy and wrapped an old towel round my shoulders in case any of the mask gets onto my clothes. 

I left this on my hair for a good twenty to thirty minutes and watched a bit of TV and read some of my book. Then when it was time to take it off I washed my hair making sure to get into every hair strand and used a cheap shampoo and conditioner to really get the oil off the hair.  I found that with using coconut oil a little will go a very long way so use it sparingly otherwise you may run the risk of looking like you've got greasy hair. 

And here's the finished look. It may look visibly look too different but it felt so much softer and sleek. Plus it smelled absolutely incredible too! I'd definitely recommend making this if you're in need of a pamper. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post! Love, A. x


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