Saturday, 11 October 2014

October wishlist!

In Britain at the moment the lovely Summer weather seems a distant memory. I wake up greeted every morning either by a cold blast of wind or a lot of rain. I love winter, mainly just as an excuse to wear knitwear all the time, I love log fires, Halloween and Bonfire night, drinking cosy hot chocolates whilst watching a film and the pinnacle of Winter in my opinion; Christmas!

I have devised a little wishlist of some things I'd like to get for the Winter months. I found everything using the very handy app on my phone Mallzee. If you haven't heard of Mallzee, where on earth have you been hiding haha!? This app has been beautifully described 'like Tinder but for clothes' as you can swipe left if you like something or right if you don't.

 You can add friends via FaceBook on the app and you can ask their opinions on things as well which I think is great as sometimes if you like something yet you aren't entirely sure it'll suit you asking someone else's opinion can influence you massively. It has a list of over 200 different brands and you can whittle down your choices of brands and what you're looking for and it'll find those things for you. 

It's a great app if like me, you could spend hours traipsing around hundreds of different shops and looking at very similar items yet not purchasing a thing. I would definitely recommend anyone to download Mallzee, it is a free download as well and takes less than thirty seconds to sign up, I find it really useful just to have a browse at different clothes, shoes and accessories that I like from the comfort of my own bed. 

Anyway, here's to my October wishlist! 

I love everything about these boots. I am a big fan of black chelsea boots anyway but I really love the croc effect and gold detailing. These boots are £45 from ASOS here

Similarly I really like these Black triple strap boots from New Look. As a tall girl I shy away from heels which is annoying because they all look really pretty but I'm very self conscious of my height. I find ankle boots with a little heel make me feel very on trend and will look good dressed up or for a casual look too. These boots are £27.99 from New Look here.

Are you noticing a slight black theme going on here? It's such a versatile colour to wear and you can wear anything with it. I love this 3/4 length sleeve bardot neck dress from New Look. I think it looks very slimming and chic. It costs £12.99 here.

Moto leigh jeans, Topshop £38. I want to get myself a couple of pairs of decent jeans that will fit well and keep the shape. I've been eyeing up a few pairs and Topshop ones feel and look the nicest. 

Similarly from above I like the look of these Intense Blue Leigh jeans also for £38. 

I really like this Deena and Ozzy mock Croc effect backpack from Urban Outfitters. It costs £42. 

I really like this navy cord shirt also from Urban Outfitters. I think it would look cool buttoned up with a pair of jeans in the daytime or even undone and worn over a dress for a casual look. This is £30.

I think this leather jacket from Dorothy Perkins is great as I've been on the lookout for a leather jacket like this for a while now. It is £49.

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post! Love, A.x 


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