Friday, 31 October 2014

Pop art make up tutorial

For this look I used:

Black face paint
White face paint 
Red lipstick
A thin angled brush
A lip brush 
A blue and purple eyeshadow 

I started off drawing a bold, black line all the way around my face. 

I then drew a line down my nose and around the corners of my nose too. 

Then, still using the black face paint I drew a curved line where my cheekbones are. 

I then made my eyebrows more prominent still using the black face paint. 

I drew two black wrinkle lines in between my brows. 

I used an Accesorize eyeshadow palette to create a really bold and vivid eyelid colour.

I used the purple and dark blue. 

Using a red lipstick I filled in my lips and then dabbed some white face paint into a squoval shape on my lips. 

Using a thin brush I dotted the white face paint on across my face in a symmetrical pattern. 

Lastly I drew two lines with a curve at the end on my collar bones.

Ta da!

I hope you liked this post. Love, A x


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