Friday, 14 November 2014

My favourite perfumes

I love how one subtle waft of an old scent can take you back years, to a time and a place in an instant. I walked into a room last week and it smelled exactly the same to a place I stayed on holiday in Cornwall when I was about six years old. The actual reason behind this is because there is a part of the brain called the olfactory bulb where emotions, feelings and memories are stored. Our brains form a link between a smell and a memory hence why a quick whiff of So...Sinful can rush you straight back to 2006 in a flash. 

I am a big fan of mainly sweet, floral scents and very rarely splash out on very expensive scents so these are great gift ideas from Boots, Superdrug and most department stores. 

Starting off with the first perfume I ever bought.

This is Calvin Klein's Euphoria. 

I remember having a sampler of this from a magazine when I was about fourteen and loved the floral and fruity fragrance. It starts off with sweet, fruity tones like red berries and pomegranate. It has great lasting power settling into a soft, lingering scent containing patchouli, amber and mahogany. 

I recieved BeyoncĂ©'s Heat perfume as a gift. Without sounding ungrateful I wouldn't have naturally purchased this for myself as I don't usually buy celebrity fragrances but I was very pleasantly surprised by this one. It is a sweet fragrance with top notes of vanilla, orchid, magnolia and peach. It also includes notes of almond, musky cream and then settling into sequoia wood and amber. 

I can't find the bottle for this one anywhere I think I've left it in my locker at work! Carolina Herrera's 212 comes in a gold cylinder type bottle which I'm actually not too keen on because I like to display all my perfumes, standing up against one another. It opens with fresh, albeit a little soapy smelling, floral and citrusy scents. The middle notes consist of rose, white flowers and freesias. Equally the musky scent starts to slowly creep in here too. Finally the base notes are the musky white flower. 

For Christmas last year my parents got me this set of lovely sample perfumes. And the perfume you like the most you go back into Boots with and can get the full 30ml size for free! 

To be honest I actually really liked all of these perfumes the ones that stood out most to me was Carolina Herrera's 212 and that's why I got the full size one. I also really like Orange by Hugo Boss which I've had before and Paco Rabanne's Black XS. I think this is such a great gift idea if you don't really know what to get someone but still want to get them something really nice. 

As mentioned above I have had Hugo Boss's Orange perfume before. I purchased the gift set from Boots for £25 for myself which contains the 50ml size eau de toilette and a body lotion so it was such a bargain! 

This is a very sweet, fruity fragrance. Sometimes because it is very sweet I think a little spritz will go a very long way.  

This is Viktor and Rolf's Flowerbomb which I am absolutely obsessed with. It was a bit more expensive compared to other perfumes I've bought so save it for special occasions. Like the name states it has floral notes like jasmine, rose and orchid in it. I like this scent because it's very sweet but not in a sickly type of way. I love how it has a fantastic staying power as well it could quite easily stay on my clothes, hair or skin for a good 24 hours. 

So these are all my perfumes that I've used and loved. What are your go to scents? 

I hope you liked this post. Love, A x.


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