Sunday, 7 December 2014

My November in photos

November went by as quick as a flash. I worked quite a bit and I also started doing the 100 Happy Days photo challenge during as well. Basically that is when you take a photo of something that made/makes you happy everyday for 100 days. I can get stuck in a rut or grumpy mood so being able to see a good thing which makes me happy everyday will help me see the good in the bad. 

So here are my instagrams from the month of November so you can have a little snapshot into my photographic life! 

I met up with my lovely friend Sophie on Bonfire night. She came from London where she studies for a few nights and we went for a few drinks. 

This was an old picture of a vibrant red leaf I saw on an autumn walk. 

Raspberries are probably my favourite fruit and they look so nice as well! 

I went for a meal with my best friend Vicki. We both had the same sweet potato and red pepper burgers. 

This bubble bear bath bomb from lush was nice. It's not quite in the league of my favourite Dragon's Egg though ;)

This little optimistic photo just to remind me that everything that may seem bad now won't last and will get better. 

My little puppy sleeping on the sofa. 

Another little optimistic post from me. 

I made a lovely white tea with a slice of lemon before bed. 

I had a full day at work all on my own so my friend Vicki popped in on her break and bought me a cup of tea. 

My dog. 

A costa, a magazine, such a hard day at work..

On a family dog walk on a Sunday and the clouds looked so cool. 

My friend Titch turned 20 so I made this little photo collage. 

The day after was my best friend Vicki's birthday and we went to Frankie and Benny's. 

Vicki and I looking super cute with friendship bracelets. 

Quick show of hands who used to race raindrops down the window?

I saw these in a local deli my friend works at. Raisins or grapes?

Mexican food is probably my all time favourite. We had a Mexican night at home with Mexican rice, nachos and fajitas YUM! 

Purple/grey sky on the way to work one morning. 

The sunset on the way home from work looked so pretty. 

My manager got me a peppa pig advent calendar.

Salisbury Cathedral in the sun. 

Whilst shopping I treated my parents and myself to some costa hot chocolates. I had the white hot chocolate and they had the brownie one and the black forest one.

So that was November! I hope you all had a good month. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked this post! Love, A x. 


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