Saturday, 31 January 2015

Big blue review!

As you may have picked up on by now, I absolutely love my baths. The other night I had a relaxing soak using my Big Blue bath ballistic from Lush. 

I've never used the Big Blue before and was enticed by it's pretty and bold colour. 

This bath bomb has a really refreshing fragrance to it like being at the seaside. It also has pieces of seaweed in as well. Which I really liked the look of however afterwards I realised isn't the easiest to clean up either! 

The bath ballistic was very effervescent and those little black bits coming out are the seaweed pieces. 

It fizzed and unleashed a deep,gorgeous blue hue. 

I felt like a mermaid! 

I really enjoyed this bath ballistic. The lemon and lavender oils are uplifting and the seaweed and sea salt in here help to soften skin. 

Thanks for reading I hope you liked this post. Love, A, x. 


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