Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Linco Care Gorgeous Bronze review

The best part of going out sometimes is the getting ready and for me sometimes that can start three days beforehand. Fake tanning, manicures, pedicures can be planned to military precision.

I was very lucky and grateful to recieve a at home tanning kit from Silkia called Gorgeous Bronze in the shade light to medium. I'm quite fair skinned anyway so do often use a fake tan so naturally I was eager to try it. 

This tanning kit is different from most as it had a spray head attachment making it an evenly spread spray onto skin. I also like this design as it's not an aerosol so doesn't contain CFC aerosol gases so you can reduce your carbon footprint whilst looking every inch the bronzed beauty! 

Gorgeous bronze comes in a long bottle with a detatchable spray head. 

'Scuse the tanning glove! 

Frontal view of the spray head. 

One hard squeeze of the spray trigger gave this dark brown colour. Which may look too dark but once applied to the skin leaves you with a lovely golden tan look. 

So let's start with the review! 

I prepped my legs my shaving, exfoliating and applying moisturiser. I applied heavy quantities to tricky, dry areas like my ankles and knees. Once that had all soaked in I got started. 

Before shot! Please excuse my chubby milk bottle legs!! 

I applied my tan sat on an old towel in the bathroom just because sometimes tanning can get a bit messy! 

I should also add in the box this came in included two pairs of gloves to apply and rub into the skin. 

So I sprayed some of the tanning liquid straight onto my leg and rubbed it in, in a circular motion. 

Taking extra care on those tough areas like my knees I sprayed a little at a time as you can always add more. 

Once I finished one leg I did the exact same with the other. 

What I noticed and really liked about this product whilst applying was that it takes literally no time at all for it to dry after a minute or so the skin is still somewhat tacky. It also has a really nice smell in my opinion. Some tanning products have quite a chemical smell whereas others leave you smelling of biscuits all day after. However this one has a very pleasant sweet, almost floral smell! 

So both legs dried leaving me looking bronzed and ready to go! 

Overall I am really happy with this product.

-Good value for money at £19.99 and will last you a good while as well. 
-Dries quickly.
-Smells really nice.
-Product is easy to put together.
-Washes on and off. If you want a more natural tan you can apply this and wash off after two hours so the gradual light golden tan develops. Whereas those who want it to last a bit longer can wash off after eight hours, enjoying the gorgeous golden glow which will reduce over a week. 

- I would say my only issue with this product is that if you've never used anything like this before you might find it a bit harder at first. I would probably suggest having a go with it first somewhere on your body you don't have to show off that way you get used to it. 

Overall I really liked this product. I sometimes suffer with very dry skin and have found if I'm using this I have to slather my body in moisturiser and exfoliater before hand. 

Thank you so much for reading this post. I really hope you liked it! I never normally take pictures of my body and I feel quite self conscious of it so it's a massive step for me to put two pictures of my chubby legs on the World Wide Web!!! 

Anyway all my love, A, x.


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