Sunday, 4 January 2015

My December 2014 in photos!

Hello everyone and happy new year! Can I still say that on the fourth..? As always I really enjoy sharing some pictures and Instagram posts from my previous month with you all. Some say posts like this are a bit of a cop out but I like to keep you all informed on all the little things I've been up to and seen! 

My favourite shower gel in the world. I love the candy sweet smell. I was very lucky to recieve another bottle for Christmas just as this one ran out!

Terrible picture quality but my high street looked very Christmassy at the beginning of December. 

I had a long, hard day at work and there is no better feeling than coming home and cuddling my dog <3. 

Another shot after finishing work and this was taking just after half past four and it was so dark! 

Such a child, but there's something so fun about kicking crunchy leaves. 

You can call me 👑🐝 

Watching my favourite Christmas film, Elf.

Walking the dog on a Sunday and the sun was poking his face through the clouds. 

My doggy getting ready for Christmas. I got this little hat for 69p in B&M. 

Another one of my favourite Christmas films. I have serious Cindy Lou hair envy!!

I made myself a smoothie bowl for breakfast with cocoa flax, chia seeds, dried cranberries and flaked almonds. 

Cutest gingerbread house in John Lewis. 

I had a lovely veggie and lentil burger with my friend Vicki one evening. 

Some of my favourite rings from Topshop and Charmed Ivy.

Some street art I saw in Bournemouth. 

Chicken Korma all round when I met my friend Eloise for dinner. 

Very lavish chandelier in the old city hall.


Charlie looked very glam on New Years! 

I hope you liked this post. Thank you for viewing! Love, A x. 


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