Thursday, 29 January 2015

My Lush collection

My favourite way to treat myself would be to run myself a hot bath and throw in a few bath products to give myself a pamper. I am a sucker for bath bits whether that be bath bombs, bath oils or soaps I love trying new ones.

Not only as a Dorset girl, as Lush UK HQ is based here in Poole, but also as an avid beauty fan I hugely adore the shop itself. So I've decided to share with you my current collection of Lush products I've got hauled away.

I store all my lush goodies in a box I got a Lush delivery in. One reason behind this is because it has these polystyrene shell things in so they don't break up or knock against each other as much. The second reason I keep them in here is also laziness. When I recieved a delivery I kept them in the box for the time being and never took them out. 

My sister very kindly bought me the Northern Lights bath ballistic and I was really excited to use it as I'd heard so many great things about it. However I've discovered it didn't travel well and the bar broke up! There is a lovely mix of Ylang Ylang and jasmine which is nice and soothing scent. Although it doesn't look as aesthetically pleasing as to when it's one piece but I'm looking forward to popping this in the bath. 

I have two Dragons Egg bath ballistics here. One from my sister for Christmas and one from my Mum for my birthday. This bath ballistic is my all time favourite. I love how it fizzes and foams in the bath and the eclectic mix of colours and scents it gives off too. 

Here is the twilight bath ballistic which is perfect for a relaxing soak. It turns the water a gorgeous deep purple colour which benzoin, tonka and lavender soothing you to utter relaxation. 

Rock Star has been my favourite Lush soap for years. I have the biggest sweet tooth and naturally adore the very sweet fragrance to this. This lasts forever as well and leaves your skin looking, feeling and smelling amazing. 

I bought the Unicorn Horn bubble bar because it honestly looks incredible. It contains uplifting essential oils like lavender, Ylang Ylang and Neroli. I can't wait to use this!!

Another new Lush product is the Floating Flower. This one has a gorgeous floral scent which ties in nicely with the overall look of this bath bomb. 

This is the Think Pink bath ballistic I got from my friend Vicki for Christmas. I love the vibrant colour this leaves the water and has a very sweet calming scent. 

I recieved these two Creamy Candy bubble bars for Christmas and my birthday. It has a lovely sweet scent and leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft. 

This is the Karma bubble bar which has a wonderfully exotic orange tang to it. I find it really refreshing and leaves my skin silky smooth. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I really enjoyed writing it. Love, A x.


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