Sunday, 22 March 2015

Prairie Charms

Yesterday evening I got home from a very long day from work and was very pleased to see this delightful little package from Prairie Charms sat waiting for me. Prairie Charms is an online boutique specialising in completely handmade girly and floral accessories. I was very much drawn to this company not only because a good majority of their products caught my eye but because they give 10% of their profit to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital and the 'Kiss it Better' campaign which helps to fund pioneering treatment for serious medical conditions in children.

It came in this gorgeous metallic silver parcel which I thought was a lovely touch. It's a bit different and quite eye catching!

Each item was individually wrapped in either the floral wrapping paper or the baby pink. It was like sending presents to myself from myself haha. 

I'll show you the things I got underneath. 

I got two different types of nail vinyls. One is pink hearts that would look really cute in the spring and silver stripes too. There is a thicker stripe and a thinner stripe perfect for two different nail art designs. 

I got this Eliza pink stripe treat bag perfect if you're having a party, a get together or a sleepover and you're sharing out snacks. 

I picked up the Hailey peach stripe paper straw and the floral design seen on the left too. I love making smoothies, juices and cocktails and these would look perfect with them. 

The lovely people at Prairie Charms also popped these in as well which I am very thankful for. The left is a red ribbon which I can use for gift wrapping or even tying in a bow around my hair for a 60s look. They also gave me the super funky great for summer Laila Knot hair ties. I can't wait to use these. 

Like all of these products you've seen in this post keep an eye out for them appearing in posts in the future. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it to you all. All my love, A. x


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