Monday, 11 May 2015

Lush Karma Bubble Bar review.

To paraphrase S Club 7; "there ain't no party like a Lush Bathtime party" ahem.. Sorry my inner 90s gal came out to play there but I have tried the very popular Karma Bubble bar from Lush. I've always seen this in Lush stores and it's the type of thing I'd pick up. Similar to magpies I am bright colours and shiny objects (making myself out to sound a touch simple minded) but this product looks gorgeous. 

This round bar has beautiful swirls of a vibrant orange colour entwined with a lush coral shade too. The scent of this matches it perfectly too with exotic orange and patchouli fragrances which is so citrusy, tangy and refreshing. Lemongrass oil and lavandin are added too. lemongrass is similar to the orangey notes as it is citrusy and uplifting. The lavandin is part of the lavender family and helps to sooth. 

Over the last couple of months I have used bath melts and bubble bars a lot more than bath bombs, I like the subtlety to them and also they can last a lot longer. With a bubble bar you just break a bit off, crumble it in your hands under the running water and it creates a haven of luscious big bubbles, to die for scents and also leaves the bath water a funky colour too. 

Karma left the bath water this wonderful deep orange colour and considering that this bar is a lot smaller compared to some others I was very impressed.

I really liked using this bubble bar. It left my skin feeling so soft and smelling amazing. I'd definitely repurchase.

Have you ever used this bubble bar before? What's your favourite Lush product too? I LOVE the bath bomb Dragon's Egg. 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. All my love, A. X


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