Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mini Boots haul

Hello lovelies! I hope you're all well. I went into Boots at the weekend and picked up a few bits I want to share with you all. I feel so lucky that I have this platform and have a blog to share all the things I'm passionate about with you all. I love beauty and all things make up so I really enjoy sharing things like this with you all! 

First off I picked up a few essentials that were on offer like same razors and razor blades. It's not very interesting so I didn't take a photo but when they are on offer they are worth getting as they can sometimes be the best part of £10.

I also picked up two packs of Simple face wipes. They were on offer at 2 for £5. They are so handy to have to freshen up or even if I'm feeling lazy and to quickly take my make up off. 

All the above are things I bought that I haven't actually tried before. I either bought them because I've heard good things or because it looked nice and the packaging was aesthetically pleasing. 

This is the brow kit I got it's a Barry M product and it cost £5.99. First off I was a bit annoyed because I thought it was £3.99 and didn't realise until I got out the store and looked at my receipt. Nonetheless I was excited to try this, eyebrows are very much the in thing at the moment and I have quite thick brows anyway but they could have done with shaping. I'm looking forward to trying this. It comes with an eyebrow wax, which is the lighter brown at the left. The middle is the dark brown colour and the colour to the right is a creamy shade with a yellow tone to it. It is used to apply directly around the eyebrows to really highlight and define the shape. It could also be used as a normal highlighter too! 

This is the Seventeen Define and Contour kit which I am very excited to try! Just from looking at it you can see that the overall look of it and the packaging is very similar to NARS because of the simple, sleek black case and even the clasp is very similar. 

This set comes with a matte brown powder to contour and a cream powder for highlighting. I like that these shades are matte and don't contain any glitter or shimmer. This set also contains handy instructions on how to use these shades to highlight and contour. I'd find that very helpful as I can find contouring quite tricky at times. 

I picked up this Rimmel lipstick in the shade 077 called Asia. 

I'm really getting into using lipsticks at the moment especially these neutral shades like this. 

I've used the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation many times before in the past so decided to give this one ago. I find the colour match really good. It gives a medium coverage which you can build on and so far I really like this one! I got it in the shade Light Porcelain so it's perfect for when I'm without a tan. I'm pale anyway so it can be quite difficult to find a foundation shade to suit my skin tone. 

I've never tried this and only ever heard excellent things about this from friends, bloggers and youtubers alike. I got this in the shade Ivory and I'm really looking forward to trying it out. I don't sleep well and often have eye bags so I'm hoping that this will help cover it up along with any unwanted blemishes and spots. 

I'm trying to curb my spending at the moment but it's not really working! As always I'll keep you all updated on how that's going. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. All my love, A. X


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