Thursday, 7 May 2015

My favourite nude nail shades.

I've become a big fan of nude colours at the moment. They look very on trend either day or night and look very cool and very classy too. What's not to love! I used to love painting my nails all these bold colours and nail art designs but working where I do it's not really appropriate and because of this I don't really have the time unless I have a few days off. 

ANYWAY so I picked some of my favourite nude and light shades to share with you. They are all high street brands and could all be picked up in your local Boots. 

These are my favourite shades. This glossy, bold sheen was achieved after two- three coats on each. Most of them only required two coats however I find No7 nail polishes are always quite light so need quite a few coats to get desired glossy coat. 

So starting with the top image above, I'll work my way around the wheel in a downward fashion as if going clockwise on a clock. 

The top shade is Rimmel 60 second super shine called Sand and Deliver (love the pun) I like the colour of this

The middle shade is by Collection and it's called Antique Rose. I really like the terracotta type colour to this and it's quite a simple yet different colour too. I really like this one. 

The bottom colour is by Rimmel in their Rita Ora collection. Its called Let's Get Nude. I think this shade will suit most people as it's quite a warm colour with subtle hues within it. It does take a few layers to get to the boldest look. It also looks great with a matte top coat too! 

In this above picture the top colour is the Collection shade that I spoke about above, the middle shade is the Rimmel London in Let's Get Nude. The bottom shade is a Seventeen gel colour in the shade mochatini. I like this colour as it has a darker colour to it compared to the others. The gel effect makes it look really glossy after 1-2 coats too. 

Going from the bottom upwards.

The bottom, nearest to the left, shade is by No7 called Practically Perfect. I'm not a big fan of No7 polishes as they take so long to dry and I find they need a lot of coats too. But I like this colour, it's lighter in colour compared to some others and compliments my skin tone well too. 

The middle shade is by Rimmel 60 second super shine in the shade 500 Caramel Cupcake. This one is very similar to the Seventeen colour in the sense they both are almost nude brown shades. I really like this one however I wouldn't say it dries in 60 seconds maybe two minutes though. 

The top shade nearest the right is a Barry M gelly hi shine shade in the colour Lychee. This is probably the lightest of them all. The coverage is great and requires 1 coat maybe 2 sometimes. The Barry M gelly polishes always impress me and this one certainly did too. It dries quickly too! 

Thanks for reading this post I hope you liked it. What's your favourite nail polish colours at the moment? 

Lots of love, A. X


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