Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Creative Blogger Award!

HELLO EVERYONE! sorry for shouting it just feels like so long since I've been here I just want to say one big, fat hi to you all. I've been pretty busy recently with things going on at work I feel a bit bad that my little blog has been neglected somewhat but alas I am back and bursting with ideas and abbie-isms to share with you all.

The very lovely Justine from Girl Gone Dreamer has nominated me to take part in the Creative Blogger Award which I am so touched by, thank you so much Justine. If you haven't checked out her blog by now (I totally recommend having a look!) you can click the link on her blog name above. Not only is Justine a lovely lady whom I've got to know over the last few months on Twitter but her blog is fast becoming one of my favourite reads.

So the rules of The Creative Blogger Award are to state five fun facts about yourself and then nominate fifteen other bloggers to take part as well. So here goes!

1) My favourite mealtime of the day would be breakfast. I never used to be that crazy about it but I don't know whether its because my tastes have changed and maybe matured slightly in the last few years but I love all kinds of breakfasts foods from maple bacon pancakes, poached eggs on avocado toast, breakfast smoothies, french toast the list could go on and on.

2) I am obsessed with my dog Charlie. He is the first pet I have ever had and I cannot imagine what we did before this little bundle of fun came into our lives. 

3) I hope to travel a lot as I get older. I'm only twenty years old and as cliche as it may sound the world is my oyster. The thought of spending the rest of my life in this little, sheltered town I come from fills me with thick dread. There isn't one place on earth I wouldn't like to leave my footprint. 

4) I am very family orientated. I get on very well with my Mum, Dad and my sister Bronya and feel very blessed to call them my family. 

5) I couldn't decide what fact to put here so I'll just tell you a few little quirks about myself to finish off. My favourite colour is burgundy, my favourite animal is the Elephant, my favourite type of food is Mexican, I have a natural blonde streak of hair at the back of my head and I have the biggest sweet tooth. 

The lovely bloggers I want to nominate are as followed. 
1) Jessie
3) Katy
4) Hayley
5) Daisy
6) Harley
8) Claire
10) Tania
11) Claire
12) Lauren
13) Dee
14) Rebekka
15) Carla

Each and every one of the bloggers I picked are people I specifically chose as I am a huge, huge fan of all of their blogs. I love reading their different content and to top this off they are all people I have grown to love through the power of Twitter. So please check out their fabulous blogs, it would mean a lot to me! 

Thank you so much for reading this post I hope you enjoyed it. All my love, Abbie x.  


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