Friday, 31 July 2015

Me and my princess nails

Hello my lovely little gumdrops, how are you enjoying the final day of July. If I'm being honest I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed that it's the end of July already. We're flying through this year and I just want to slooooow it down a bit as I feel I haven't made the progression that I'd have hoped! 

So I come to you with a post today that fills my heart with glee, a nailsy type of post. Like a good old fashioned Kittens in Top Hats type of blog post too. I decided to go full on Barbie Princess with my nails settling with a baby pink hue with a pink glitter polish over the top. I used a set of oval false nails I picked up in Superdrug too as I love the look of longer, rounded nails at the moment. 

I feel like princess peach! 

These types of posts always include the claw shot. 

The colours I used. The pink base is this lovely Kate Moss for Rimmel London colour called 227 New Romantic. The top glitter colour is by Barry M and it is 264 Pink Iridescent. 

I hope you liked this post and this look as much as I do! Lots of love as always, A. X

Thursday, 30 July 2015

The 'My Hogwarts Story' Tag!

Hello you, yes you! How are you on this fine Thursday afternoon? I am halfway through a week off from work and I am loving life. I have had a lot of lie ins and I have spent time with my family, friends and managed to catch up with some tv shows, emails and finished the book I was reading finally! 

So the very lovely Flo from Love From, Florence Grace kindly tagged me to take part in the My Hogwarts Story tag. If you haven't visited Flo's blog yet I urge you to do it now, she's one of the loveliest people I know and I love her ambition, drive and all round girl power! Back to the tag I am a massive Potterhead I've read all the books and seen all the films hundreds of times too! So here goes! 

Are you pure blood, half blood or muggle born?
I am definitely a pure blood wizard through and through!

Which wand would choose you and what is it made of?

10 1/3 inches, Holly wood, Thestral tail hair

Your wand is made from Holly wood.

Holly is one of the rarer kinds of wand woods, and is protective, it works good for those who may need help overcoming anger issues and carelessness .Holly wands often choose owners who are absorbed in some dangerous and often spiritual quest.

Known wizards or witches that have wands made from holly wood:

Harry potter

The core of your wand is Thestral hair .

Thestral tail hair is one of the srongest core and can produce great magic. But to use it efectively you have to wittnes death .

Known wizards or witches that have have wands with Thestral hair:  
Albus Dumbledore's ( the Elder wand)

Did you take an owl, cat, toad or rat with you?
By default I think I would have taken a cat simply because I have a fear of birds, toads and slimy creatures give me the creeps and I don't like rats. If I could have taken a dog I so would have but I suppose the cat is the closest to it!

Where did the sorting hat place you?
I am queen of the Hufflepuffs and proud!

What house did you want to be in?
Gryffindor because they are brave and have all the adventures!

Which lessons would be your favourite and least favourite?
My favourite would be something like charms, potions or transfiguration as I think it would be so cool to be able to to do proper magical spells! My least favourite would definitely be herbology. I'm definitely not a gardener let alone magical screaming ones like a mandrake!

What would your patronus be?
A dog. Fiercely loyal and protective. 

When confronted with a boggart what shape would it take?
Probably a bird, I have quite a big fear of birds. 

Do you partake in any school sports clubs or magical hobbies?
I think I'd watch the quidditch matches from the sidelines but I wouldn't play. Or a magical chess club, very cool I know!

If you have free time where would you be hanging out?
I would be satisfying my sweet tooth in Honeydukes, sinking a few butterbeers with friends in The Three Broomsticks or in Zonko's joke shop. 

You are most likely to get a detention for what?
Probably for forgetting to do some homework, or messing around in the corridors!

What career do you want after leaving hogwarts?
I would open my own pub and be a landlady like Madam Rosmerta. 

I'd like to say a big thank you to Danielle for creating this tag it has been so much fun and a big big thank you also again to Flo for tagging me! 

If you are a big Potter fan like me I hope you take part in this tag too! Consider this as an open invitation for you all to take part. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. All my love, A. x

Sunday, 26 July 2015


This month I recieved my very first Degustabox subscription box as the ever so lovely people working there asked if I'd like to review one. Basically if you haven't heard of the degustabox before it's a subscription box of new and exciting foods and drinks to try so naturally I jumped at the chance! I'm a big foodie and love trying new things so was very excited to give this a try. 

This is the degustabox. It comes in the giant brown box and I couldn't wait to crack it open and delve in. 

Undoing the top to reveal this nicely packaged insides. I love the little sticker reading 'open me, eat me, enjoy me!'. I love the writing too! 

Cram packed full of these yummy treats I couldn't wait to try them all out! 

First thing I saw was the giant can of coconut water. Which I am obsessed with by the way! It's so scrummy and is so much more hydrating than water it's the perfect drink in the summer. I love that this can is so much larger than normal ones too. 

I also recieved this lime zest flavoured fizzy drink called Zeo which was really nice especially as I love lemon and lime flavours! 

I also got this peach and grapefruit flavoured Zeo which was really nice and sweet too. 

I love these! So I was really excited to try the milk chocolate with caramel pieces flavour like this one seen above. 

I also got this apple and blackcurrent enhance shot which you squeeze into a glass of water. 

I've tried these delicious multigrain Melba thins with some dips and houmous and they are so nice. 

I've wanted to try coconut sugar for ages and am very intrigued by this one with ginger flavourings added to it as well. 

These are so yummy and perfect to pop in your handbag when you're on the go. The brioche is soft and sweet and the chocolate filling is really nice and smooth inside too. 

These ones are very similar to the ones above but rather than a thick chocolate cream in the middle this has chocolate chips. 

I got this collagen and vitamin c drink which I'm really interested in. Collagen is great for skin and improving the look of tightened skin and vitamin c is so good for boosting the immune system so this is the ultimate pick me up drink! 

These are so so tummy they are very similar to the salt and vinegar snack a jacks you can buy but I think the flavour is nicer on these. I'm now just trying to find these in shops!

I'm so interested in trying these. I love the flavour of cinnamon and the tagline of 'crunches like a biscuit and tastes like a cake' has totally drawn me in! 

Hopefully you'll all be able to see some more recipe posts from me in future I'm trying to become more domesticated! Thanks for reading this post I really hope you liked it. All my love, A. X

Sunday, 19 July 2015

My Timeless Truth face mask review.

Hello my lovelies!

I hope you're all well and enjoying this sunny July Sunday. I was very lucky to have received a gorgeous face mask sample from the lovely people at Timeless Truth. 

As much as I enjoy having a night out I also really love having an indulgent evening to myself as much too, maybe even a little more sometimes! My typical night in routine consists of taking all my make up and having a long soak in the bath, curling up on the sofa with some nibbles, a film or a good book and putting a face pack on too! 

So this is the sachet I received. Out of all the types of face masks I decided on the Dead Sea mineral extract one which is especially good for moisturising the skin. It's also very good for reducing dark circles which I really suffer with. It also contains seaweed components which is odourless and non allergenic and helps to smooth out the appearance of wrinkles and puts the elasticity back into the skin. It also contains Hyalauronic acid which is naturally occurring in the body anyway. This helps to hold water in the skin keeping the collagen healthy and hydrated.

EEK so this is me without a single scrap of make up on. 

I was always a bit wary of these fabric style face masks but I really liked this one. I placed it on my face and the extra flaps would just sit nicely stuck under my chin and let it set whilst I watched TV for 15-20 minutes. 

Tada! Taking this off and my skin honestly felt fantastic. The face mask was incredibly light and I could actually feel the moisture seeping into my skin. My skin was so soft and I'd definitely recommend this to anyone of any skin type. I also really liked that this face mask didn't have an overpowering scent to it or anything. I'd definitely get this again! 

What's your favourite face mask? Thanks for reading this post I really hope you liked it! Love A. X

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Honey I'm home!

Hello you lovely little rays of sunshine! I'm soooooorry it has been so long since I've last been on here. I mean that from the very bottom of my heart. Blogging is my first love and I feel so bad everything seems to have gotten in the way. 

The funny thing about life is nothing seems to happen for months and months and then all of a sudden everything seems to happen and go wrong all at once. I've been going through a few work and personal problems of late that I'm working through. So hopefully you'll see a lot more of me on here. 

If you're suffering from withdrawal symptoms of me, you can always catch up with my day to day chatter over on my twitter account which is @kittnsintophats. 

Equally follow me on Instagram and see what I've been up to and where I've been. You'd have seen I spontaneously dyed the ends of my hair pink (Sprinkle of Glitter eat your heart out!) 

My Instagram is @abbie.tanner2 

All my love as always. Abbie x