Monday, 31 August 2015

My Swig flask.

Hello you lovely lovely people! I am currently sat horizontally on my sofa, completely chilled on the last Bank Holiday Monday off until Christmas. Eek! A few weeks ago I was contacted by the very kind people over at Swig Flasks about collaborating with them. As you may have noticed by now I am a huge fan of nicely packaged items. 

All good things come in blue boxes and this just proves this. It's a light blue box with a black ribbon tied in a bow around it. The brand name Swig is embossed in a bold, black font. 

Inside it goes on and gets even more gorgeous. The hip flask is a solid stainless steel and has a vibrant orange leather pouch. The pouch has a lovely feel to it and has a clean black stitching around it. 

The hipflask lays on top of a stunning paisley print padding. Adding to the modern, stylish aesthetics. I feel very cool just looking at these photos. 

Engraved on the side of these flasks is the word Swig and then directly beneath this is also your Swig society identification number. 

Above is the flask completely naked. So clean looking and smart. Perfect for any occasion I think!


I am so massively impressed with everything to do with Swig Flasks. They have been absolute dream to work with. Their products are absolutely gorgeous and could be ideal gifts for a birthday, graduation, wedding or anniversary. you can buy the flask naked or you can get it in a pouch in a variety of colours. 

I have loved writing this post and hope you're just as impressed with them as I am. Whatever the weather, whatever the occasion I think this the perfect accompaniment alongside my phone and purse in my handbag.  So thank you very very much Swig Flasks it has been an absolute pleasure and I wish you all the best in the future I'm sure you'll go from strength to strength! 

All my love, A. X 

Saturday, 29 August 2015

My third Degustabox!!

Good morning my little rays of sunshine, how are you all on this beautiful Saturday morning? I for one am having a lovely day of work and am making the most of it. I have spent all of this morning catching up with vlogs and blogs alike and will spend the afternoon with my family and doggy down by the coast.

A few days ago I was very lucky to receive yet another Degustabox. I admit and I do apologize that the last one I received I only posted about a few days ago due to my poor internet problems at home. Upon opening this box I decided that the contents is probably my favourite to date and I'm very excited to share with you all. As you all might be aware by now I have the worlds biggest sweet tooth. Ever. In a restaurant I'd always much rather opt for dessert over starter. At the cinema I'd get either popcorn or a humongous tango ice blast over nachos or crisps. So when I saw all the delectable sweet treats in this months box I was so excited to try them all.

I love the giant box the Degustabox comes in. It's always so exciting opening this to see what treasures lie inside. 

The first item I saw was a box of Barilla Penne Rigate pasta. I love pasta, italian food and basically any carbohydrate! I love this pasta shape it's great for pasta salads too.

I'm very very excited to try these three sachets of Dr.Oetker mug cakes. They came in lemon, rich chocolate and chocolate chip flavour. All you need to do is put 60ml of milk into a mug and then mix  a whole sachet into the mug. Mix until smooth and then microwave for a minute and then its ready to eat!

I got two packets of Ryvita's in sesame seed or cracked black pepper flavour. I used to love Ryvita when I was at school. It's a good source of fibre and you can make so many different flavour combinations with numerous different toppings. 

I received a jar of Barilla Arrabbiata pasta sauce which also happens to be my favourite. In our local italian I always have their penne arrabbiata. It's a chunky tomato sauce with chilli in too. It's got quite a kick to it, so if you like spice you'll definitely like this I think. 

I love herbal teas. My favourite has to be lemon and ginger as its so refreshing. I'm really looking forward to trying this Williamson tea made from Kenyan black tea which is so rich in antioxidants and ginger tea. 

I've tried these Bahlsen choco leibniz biscuits before but with a plain biscuit and dark chocolate coating so I'm very intrigued to try ones with a cocoa biscuit and a white chocolate coating. 

Also by Bahlsen are these very yummy Pick Up! biscuits. It has a thick layer of dark chocolate in the middle surrounded by two deliciously buttery biscuits. 

Life Tonics is a relatively new brand to me. After looking on their website they stock a variety of different flavours of coconut water. This one above has added mint which I think sounds amazing, I love coconut water and mint so I'm looking forward to trying this. It'd be a great addition to a smoothie mix too.

Above is a selection of different Walkers shortbreads I got. Typical to the Scottish heritage I love the tartan pattern on the packaging. I got chocolate chip flavour, plain all butter shortbread fingers, fruit and lemon shortbread and the oats and honey flavour too. I love how they come in handy small packages, perfect to pop in your handbag when you're on the go. 

I got another package of the Fru Snax this time its peach slices with vanilla yogurt. They are only 47 calories and the produce is freeze dried so all the nutrients you'd usually get from the fruit remain too!  

I got another bottle of my fave Little Miracles. I really liked this one last time. It's crammed full of flavour from the pomegranate and acai. The green tea element means its so good for you whilst also giving you a good boost of energy and caffeine too.

Above is a can of Scheckters organic energy which is quite similar to the Little Miracles one. It's full of fruit juices like lemon, pomegranate and elderberry juice. It also contains natural energizers like green tea, guarana and ginseng to help you have a quick boost of energy.

I'm not a baker nor a cook so I'm very much looking forward to trying this Delicious Alchemy chocolate brownie mix. This is a gluten and dairy free mix and you really have to do is add one or two ingredients. I will definitely write a post about this one! 

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did. I can't wait to share more with you. All my love and have a fabulous August bank holiday weekend. Love, A. x

Friday, 28 August 2015

Girly shopping day in Southampton!

HELLO I am back with a bang and a brand new haul post to prove it! I went shopping in Southampton with my lovely mum and sister and I spent a teeny weeny bit too much! We shopped til we dropped (well I did at least) and we had a yummy lunch at Ed's Diner. I have always loved that place ever since we first visited the Leicester Square one about six years ago.

Anyway! I have come here to share with you all my latest buys because if you're like me, I love seeing what people have been buying and what is in the shops at the moment, such good inspiration.

 I picked up these three bath and shower gels by Imperial Leather in Boots. I have a massive sweet tooth so automatically they were right up my street! I got marshmallow flavour, fruit salad flavour and sherbet lemon flavour. Three of my favourite sweet shop favourites!

I picked up these three bowls in TK Maxx for £1.99 each. I love how colourful they are and I really think they were such a bargain for a price too.

I popped into Lush as I hadn't treated myself to a few bath treats in a while. 

This is an exclusive bath bomb and all the money from the sales goes towards raising money for equipment to tag endangered hen harrier chicks. Not only was drawn to it because of the cute bird design but its also got the nicest cinnamon-y and citrus scents to it. 

This one here is called Dragon's Egg and it is my absolute favourite bath bomb so I just had to pick it up. 

I'm a little late to the party but I am not a little obsessed with the film Frozen. I love it. Its sparkly bright blue and smells so fresh and clean I can't wait to get using this. 

This is Intergalactic. Once again I was drawn in my the bold and bright colour and its sweet fragrance too. I can't wait to get using this one.

I picked up this black and white stripe t shirt in Primark for less than £5. It's such a classic staple and I could wear it with jeans or a skirt or under dungarees. 

I got this shirt in Primark too as I love the autumnal colours in it. I think it would look great with jeans or even over a dress. 

It's so soft too. It's got a lovely and cosy flannel feel to it. 

I got another striped shirt from Primark this time long sleeved as it's such a great item to always have in your wardrobe. 

I picked up this khaki green jumper as I loved the dark colour this was such a bargain from H&M.

I also love this dotty detailing at the bottom corners.

I got this white lace crochet as I loved the detailing. H&M

I love how different this is. 

I picked up another white lace cami top from H&M this time with the detailing just around the top and the bottom.

The detailing around the bottom seen here. 

I love the blue and white stripe on this and the lace up front is a bit different and I feel quite like a sailor wearing it!

I got another blue and white stripe and the cloud and rainbow thunderbolt decal on the corner. 

I love the band tops they do in H&M so I picked up The Doors one. 

In New Look they had a great sale which I fully took advantage of. I picked up this white denim dungaree dress. 

A white crochet double strap dress which is so beachy and casual perfect for the summer time. 

I'm so into the double strap detail with having one off the shoulder. 

I got this black and gold cami top with this gold jewel detailing around the top and across the back straps. 

This is the back of the top.

I got this white dress with black hearts on which I thought was quite cute. It has a button up detail down the front and two large pockets too.

I also got this grey knitted dress which I thought would be fab for the winter time. 

It's such a thick knit so will definitely keep me warm! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Lots of love, A x

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

My Degustabox review!!

Hello hello I am currently sat in my local hotel bar using their internet and wifi (I did buy a drink so I'm not a complete freeloader okay!). Basically at home our internet and router and everything isn't working so it's all been a bit of a nightmare for me over the last few weeks! 

Anyway! I was incredibly lucky to have received another lovely Degustabox in the post containing some scrummy items! 

These Say Yes toasted bread chips are sour cream and onion flavoured and they are the absolute bomb dot com. They are so flavoursome, crunchy and tasty! I'd definitely recommend these for a yummy savoury snack! 

To the right is a soft drink by a brand called Little Miracles which contains green tea, which is so good for you and full of antioxidants. Ginseng which is a natural energiser. Pomegranate and acai which are powerful superfoods which are super tasty and agave nectar which is a natural sweetener. So tasty and so much better for you compared to a coke or something. 

I got another Little Miracles drink too. I love the colours of this one, I'm really loving orange shades at the moment. This one contains lemongrass tea, orange juice, ginger, ginseng and agave nectar. I loved this one as it had a nice sweet and tangy mix! 

These are called Fru Snax and the pink one are strawberry slices with raspberry yoghurt coating. The purpley blue packet is fig slices with a cherry yoghurt coating. I actually really liked these considering I didn't think I would. I'm not a big fan of figs but I was very pleasantly surprised! 

I also got these yummy Weetabix breakfast shakes. I loved these, they are so convenient as I'm terrible at remembering to have breakfast so this was such an easy way to get all my nutrients, fibre and protein in one.  It came in chocolate or vanilla flavour. 

The left one is called Blackcurrent Beautie Jele and it contained vitamin C, B1, B2, B6 and B12. This is so so good for you and crammed full of vitamins and nutrients so is excellent for boosting your immune system, helping with tiredness and fatigue and also is so good for skin hair and nail health too! 

Next to this is a product called Taking the Pea. I love the pretty packaging especially the cute pig cartoon angrily eating a pea! There is only 140 calories per bag and it's so convenient to just pop in your handbag and snack on, on the go! 

An old favourite makes an appearance in the shape of a bottle of Lambrini. This is sweet alcoholic beverage with only 241 calories per 100ml and after drinking enough of it who's really countin ha ha! Plus it's 5% alcohol. 

Next to that is a bottle of sparkling apple juice by a company called Newtons. My parents loved this one and said it was so nice you wouldn't even know it wasn't proper cider, and that says a lot coming from a West Country couple! 

These snack packs are by a company called Tasty Little Numbers and I recieved chilli beef con carne and chicken tikka masala. These are so nice and I took the chilli con carne to work one day as it's only 200 calories it's a perfect low calorie lunch. 

I'm trying to find the retailers for so many of these products as I loved them so much! I hope you liked this post as much as I enjoyed sampling it all. All my love,
As always. A. X