Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Berry smoothie bowl breakfast

Sometimes I skip breakfast. Other times I go all out there's no real inbetween. I'm either running so late I end up necking a lukewarm cup of tea like giant shot, straight down in one, or leisurely dicing up exotic fruits and vegetable to make into a delicious smoothie.

Today is my day off and I have spent it relaxing and sorting out things at home. So I made myself this yummy smoothie bowl breakfast and it must have taken me less than five minutes to prepare and it only used four ingredients! 

Using my breville active blender I popped a frozen banana (as it helps thicken the mix) a handful of diced strawberries and a small splash of coconut milk and some oats into the blender until it was smooth. I poured it into this bowl (which was a complete steal from TK Maxx for £1.99) and put two leftover strawberry slices on top et voila! It looks and tastes so impressive. 

What's your favourite breakfast time treat? 

Thanks for reading, lots of love. A x


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