Friday, 28 August 2015

Girly shopping day in Southampton!

HELLO I am back with a bang and a brand new haul post to prove it! I went shopping in Southampton with my lovely mum and sister and I spent a teeny weeny bit too much! We shopped til we dropped (well I did at least) and we had a yummy lunch at Ed's Diner. I have always loved that place ever since we first visited the Leicester Square one about six years ago.

Anyway! I have come here to share with you all my latest buys because if you're like me, I love seeing what people have been buying and what is in the shops at the moment, such good inspiration.

 I picked up these three bath and shower gels by Imperial Leather in Boots. I have a massive sweet tooth so automatically they were right up my street! I got marshmallow flavour, fruit salad flavour and sherbet lemon flavour. Three of my favourite sweet shop favourites!

I picked up these three bowls in TK Maxx for £1.99 each. I love how colourful they are and I really think they were such a bargain for a price too.

I popped into Lush as I hadn't treated myself to a few bath treats in a while. 

This is an exclusive bath bomb and all the money from the sales goes towards raising money for equipment to tag endangered hen harrier chicks. Not only was drawn to it because of the cute bird design but its also got the nicest cinnamon-y and citrus scents to it. 

This one here is called Dragon's Egg and it is my absolute favourite bath bomb so I just had to pick it up. 

I'm a little late to the party but I am not a little obsessed with the film Frozen. I love it. Its sparkly bright blue and smells so fresh and clean I can't wait to get using this. 

This is Intergalactic. Once again I was drawn in my the bold and bright colour and its sweet fragrance too. I can't wait to get using this one.

I picked up this black and white stripe t shirt in Primark for less than £5. It's such a classic staple and I could wear it with jeans or a skirt or under dungarees. 

I got this shirt in Primark too as I love the autumnal colours in it. I think it would look great with jeans or even over a dress. 

It's so soft too. It's got a lovely and cosy flannel feel to it. 

I got another striped shirt from Primark this time long sleeved as it's such a great item to always have in your wardrobe. 

I picked up this khaki green jumper as I loved the dark colour this was such a bargain from H&M.

I also love this dotty detailing at the bottom corners.

I got this white lace crochet as I loved the detailing. H&M

I love how different this is. 

I picked up another white lace cami top from H&M this time with the detailing just around the top and the bottom.

The detailing around the bottom seen here. 

I love the blue and white stripe on this and the lace up front is a bit different and I feel quite like a sailor wearing it!

I got another blue and white stripe and the cloud and rainbow thunderbolt decal on the corner. 

I love the band tops they do in H&M so I picked up The Doors one. 

In New Look they had a great sale which I fully took advantage of. I picked up this white denim dungaree dress. 

A white crochet double strap dress which is so beachy and casual perfect for the summer time. 

I'm so into the double strap detail with having one off the shoulder. 

I got this black and gold cami top with this gold jewel detailing around the top and across the back straps. 

This is the back of the top.

I got this white dress with black hearts on which I thought was quite cute. It has a button up detail down the front and two large pockets too.

I also got this grey knitted dress which I thought would be fab for the winter time. 

It's such a thick knit so will definitely keep me warm! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Lots of love, A x


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