Wednesday, 26 August 2015

My Degustabox review!!

Hello hello I am currently sat in my local hotel bar using their internet and wifi (I did buy a drink so I'm not a complete freeloader okay!). Basically at home our internet and router and everything isn't working so it's all been a bit of a nightmare for me over the last few weeks! 

Anyway! I was incredibly lucky to have received another lovely Degustabox in the post containing some scrummy items! 

These Say Yes toasted bread chips are sour cream and onion flavoured and they are the absolute bomb dot com. They are so flavoursome, crunchy and tasty! I'd definitely recommend these for a yummy savoury snack! 

To the right is a soft drink by a brand called Little Miracles which contains green tea, which is so good for you and full of antioxidants. Ginseng which is a natural energiser. Pomegranate and acai which are powerful superfoods which are super tasty and agave nectar which is a natural sweetener. So tasty and so much better for you compared to a coke or something. 

I got another Little Miracles drink too. I love the colours of this one, I'm really loving orange shades at the moment. This one contains lemongrass tea, orange juice, ginger, ginseng and agave nectar. I loved this one as it had a nice sweet and tangy mix! 

These are called Fru Snax and the pink one are strawberry slices with raspberry yoghurt coating. The purpley blue packet is fig slices with a cherry yoghurt coating. I actually really liked these considering I didn't think I would. I'm not a big fan of figs but I was very pleasantly surprised! 

I also got these yummy Weetabix breakfast shakes. I loved these, they are so convenient as I'm terrible at remembering to have breakfast so this was such an easy way to get all my nutrients, fibre and protein in one.  It came in chocolate or vanilla flavour. 

The left one is called Blackcurrent Beautie Jele and it contained vitamin C, B1, B2, B6 and B12. This is so so good for you and crammed full of vitamins and nutrients so is excellent for boosting your immune system, helping with tiredness and fatigue and also is so good for skin hair and nail health too! 

Next to this is a product called Taking the Pea. I love the pretty packaging especially the cute pig cartoon angrily eating a pea! There is only 140 calories per bag and it's so convenient to just pop in your handbag and snack on, on the go! 

An old favourite makes an appearance in the shape of a bottle of Lambrini. This is sweet alcoholic beverage with only 241 calories per 100ml and after drinking enough of it who's really countin ha ha! Plus it's 5% alcohol. 

Next to that is a bottle of sparkling apple juice by a company called Newtons. My parents loved this one and said it was so nice you wouldn't even know it wasn't proper cider, and that says a lot coming from a West Country couple! 

These snack packs are by a company called Tasty Little Numbers and I recieved chilli beef con carne and chicken tikka masala. These are so nice and I took the chilli con carne to work one day as it's only 200 calories it's a perfect low calorie lunch. 

I'm trying to find the retailers for so many of these products as I loved them so much! I hope you liked this post as much as I enjoyed sampling it all. All my love,
As always. A. X 


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