Sunday, 6 September 2015

Family wedding.

I went to my first proper wedding yesterday and it was honestly magical from start to finish. So much so I'm genuinely considering a career as a professional wedding guest! Just imagine how much fun it would be to get all dressed up, share the love and happiness, eat good food and have a boogie to finish off! Perfect career path if you ask me!

Classy toilet selfie before hand!  

 I felt quite emotional just as a guest so I can't even imagine how it must have felt to been one of the bridal party. To marry the one you love, surrounded by a room full of people who love you and care deeply for you. I feel I could only count my true friends on one hand so I'd struggle to fill a pew in a church let alone the whole place!  But I have plenty of time to worry about that type of thing yet I'd like to think! 

Congratulations to the Bride and Groom! 💗


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