Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Hair ideas

I've had a blonde ombré hairstyle for almost a year now and as much fun I've had going blonde. At first I thought it was just a silly saying but I've honestly had such a confidence boost since doing it. I feel better, look better and it's made my skin look so much more tanned and radiant because I'm quite pale dark hair completely washes me out!! 

So for eases sake I've decided to dye my hair darker again. Not only because it's such a pain with my roots regrowth but also it looks so much less brassy in the winter months too.  

This is what it was like when I redyed it again about two months ago. 

Even though it's been a recent dye job I can't help but feel a bit bored by the colour already. I know it sounds bad but I get quite bored by styles quite easily! So I've found some inspiration from Pinterest on some new looks I quite like and would love to know your thoughts! 

I'm thinking of going a chocolatey brown colour with lighter brown and caramel highlights. 

I love Chrissy Teigen. Her hair looks so voluminous and bouncy here. I love the natural highlights pulled through. 

Out of all the styles I think I love this one the most. I love the lighter bits pulled through. 

This style is slightly darker and I'm not sure whether it'll wash me out. It's been so long since I've been a proper brunette! 

This one is a bit more ombré than the rest. I don't think I could for a full colour. Some highlights would definitely lift the dark. 

One thing I've noticed is that I definitely love Jessica Alba and her hair! 

What do you think? What is your favourite? 

Lots of love. A. x


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